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Sealcoating Long Island has been in the business of sealing driveways for over a decade. Our Company was founded in the border of Suffolk and Nassau County, where we built a name for ourselves over time. Our reputation relies upon the quality of our work and we are known to be one of the best paving companies in Long Island because we specialize in sealcoating! We believe in putting our customers first and all our work is executed with that in mind.

Asphalt Driveway Repair – Local Contractors Ready

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A lot of our work is based around repairing driveway cracks. Due to our team of experts, no issue is too big to resolve. We are professional asphalt sealing contractors which have been fixing driveways in both Suffolk and Nassau County for over a decade.  Many local asphalt paving companies do not go to that extent that we do for our customers. It is one thing to fix the driveway and another thing to make it look fantastic as well – Not to mention we are told time and time again that we have one of the most reasonable asphalt driveway sealing costs.

As an owner of an asphalt driveway repair company, we understand that some issues at times can’t be predicted, especially on large projects – therefore we have a management division which is on call to personally resolve those challenges whenever necessary. At Sealcoating Long Island, we install every job as if it was our own property, including using high-quality blacktop for driveways.

Asphalt Driveway Construction

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In the art of asphalt driveway construction, each task that is done determines the success of the next task. This is especially important when repairing driveway cracks. Our driveway repair contractors make sure every single particle of dust and sand is cleared out of the site before they pour the tar which is then able to stick directly to and over the old pavement.

Professional Contractors always  make sure to offer a wide variety of services that customers can choose from in our paving options. We specialize in both residential driveways and commercial parking lots. We often do entire private roads, and have been voted one of the best contractors in Long Island at doing that.

As sealcoating specialists we try to provide that extra touch of smooth ground for newly paved surfaces which makes a big difference in appearance. And don’t stop there, we offer systematic check-ups and touchups where we repair little sides of work that takes the life span of the pavement to another level – that is only reached when doing asphalt sealcoating.

We Only Use High Quality Materials

We use oil based asphalt sealcoating to repair driveways of all sizes.  This is both for residential and commercial asphalt paving.

Even though it lasts a long time, a pavement made of asphalt will eventually start to be worn out. As that time approaches, there are a few options which one has to either repair or prolong that gradual deterioration of the pavement.

Our Process – Start to Finish

When sealing cracks, early and effective methods will first and foremost keep the liquids from seeping in. Also, dust, sand, and earth will also be kept away from the insides. It is important that they don’t enter the base of the pavement – which will ultimately keep the gap from getting larger. We believe that crack sealing it the first approach on all types of jobs where potholes and pavement damage is involved.

When patching, if the water is in contact then the pavement will eventually break hence creating what we call a pothole. Getting a quick filler which has a mix of boiling asphalt is a fast way to combat the situation. Patching is where we get most of our business from and it provides the answer to annoying potholes.

Line Striping Information

You ever turn right around the corner in the building to almost hit the person that was coming the opposite direction? Well, there’s a good example of what happens when you don’t have proper line striping. Getting your area marked with nice and bright line striping. It’s very important. People must be able to see where they’re going and it is very welcoming to approach to. When doing your line striping, There’re a few types of machines one can use, Light duty, Medium duty, and Heavy duty. Here at Sealcoating Long Island, we always use heavy duty machinery to do your lines.

Pot-hole Repair

Have you ever gone to the parking lot or an asphalt ground where there is lots of holes and you nearly trip or fall?  Well this is a good example of a surface that needs to get some pothole repair. Here at SealcoatingLong Island we are experts in pothole repair – We have been covering holes in peoples driveways and parking lots all over Long Island city for almost 2 decades. It is very important thing because in the long run you will actually save money. Our work is very clean and it does not damage anything around it, we leave the ground being smooth and a little bit sticky. That is all that is left which will dry out and become as smooth as the other surfaces. Not only do we deliver flawless performance but we also care about environment and only use environmentally friendly solutions to repair your potholes.

Crack Filling

Pressure on pavement goes up as time passes and the weight of the vehicles in traffic create distortions in the pavement. If you do not take care of it from time to time, there will be cracks in your pavement. A crack is basically the start of what we call which then later become a pothole. You want to take care of this as soon as it starts to appear so it doesn’t becomes into a pothole. However, when this does not occur the best way to take care if it is true liquid asphalt, which is also known as crack filling. The main reasons to do this is to prevent water from seeping in the crack into the underlaying pavement – because when this happens there is no way the water to dry off from under the pavement, which results in deterioration and spoiled soil.

It is important to call a company that knows what they are doing. Depending on the width of the cracked there are different materials to be used on it. Only when the crack is big enough to apply material into it, you should pour the asphalt on it. This will then be a good way for the old pavement to be dissolved into the new asphalt.


Another option here can be just to patch the pothole or crack. This is also known as patching where the quick fix is put on so further damage does not all occur. Given the area where we do business (in Long Island, New York). There can sometimes be situations where the crack must be filled immediately. This is because it can become a safety hazard for people who drive motorbikes.

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