Best Temperature to Sealcoat your Driveway – Question Everybody Asks

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Best Temperature to Sealcoat your Driveway – Question Everybody Asks

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Is it Too Late to Seal Coat My Driveway?

perfect temperature to sealcoat

A lot of times people call us and ask us “when is the perfect time and temperature to sealcoat my driveway ?”

The answer to this question is that there is no specific exact temperature, but there is a range. First of all, one of the best practices is to read the manufacturers recommendations for the type of Sealcoating you are using. They often mention recommended outside temperatures in-line with the thickness of the mix.

Best temp to sealcoat in New York

That being said, once your driveway has been seal coated, it needs a minimum temperature of 50° overnight for the driveway to properly dry especially around suffolk area. What’s more important than the temperature is putting more consideration into the humidity level. Sealcoating should not be done when it’s very wet or there is a lot of humidity in the air, and it needs to be a relatively dry day for your driveway to dry up properly.

Now if the outside temperature is higher than 91°, then you have to make sure that the pavement is brought to a lower temperature right after the sealer is applied.

Temperature Control Explained

To understand this above statement, it involves a little bit of science. When the seal coating is done to your driveway, the actual Sealant has to dissolve with your driveway pavement. This is not possible if the temperature is not warm. This happens because the cold air tends to make things separate. However, when it is warm, it melts them together and combines them hence giving a better result. In terms of seasons, the best time to seal your driveway would be spring time or the 2nd best time would be in fall/autumn. Most homeowners tend to get worried if they live in a snowy climate. Your best bet is to book a seal-coating contractor anytime between spring and fall. This temperature is optimal.

Out of many different types of sealers you can use, over the years one of the most popular choices has been a coal tar. Just make sure that any cracks and holes in your driveway are patched and repaired before you start thinking about sealcoating it.

Other than finding the best temperature to do your sealcoating, you might also want to consider paying some attention into maintenance tips. For example: using machines that clear out snow can often damage the life of your pavement.
Please make sure to be extra careful when going over your seal coated surface as being careless can easily harm the job that was just done.

For more information on the sealcoating process and how it gets installed contact us or check out this Youtube Video:


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