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Looking for a Local Contractor to Blacktop Your Driveway?

They look no further, With over 50 reviews in Home Advisor alone – We are known to be one of the most reputable blacktop driveway contractors around Suffolk County New York.

driveway sealcoating

  • We have a quick three-step process that Protect and Repair Driveways

  • We use commercial grade blacktop sealer to get the job done

  • Voted as the best Asphalt contractor by Homeadvisor

  • Affordable price with a 100% Guarantee

  • Same day Service Available

There’s a few things you have to consider when you were looking for a blacktop contractor. The first is a personal choice between asphalt or sealcoat. Your contractor should  be knowledgeable to explain to you in simple terms what is the advantages and disadvantages of either option. Once things are done you should have a simple checklist for things to do that maintains your new black top driveway.

driveway sealcoating

The Difference Between Asphalt and Black Top Driveways

A lot of customers ask us the difference between asphalt and blacktop driveways, our trademark answer to that question is: One is spelled with an “A” and the other is spelled with a “B”! Meaning, there’s no difference – They’re the same exact service but they are called different things depending on where you are coming from.

However, there is a big difference between the concrete and the other two. Black top driveways (as you now know also known as asphalt driveways) It’s more pliable. Meaning that it can withstand the harsh rollercoaster weathers we have in northern America, where cold winters are followed by hot summers. Doing business as a black top driveway contractor in Suffolk County Long Island, We have to use very high quality blacktop sealers. This may raise the average cost of the job but in the long run It is very beneficial. What it comes to asphalt driveways, think long term.

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Finding a Great Asphalt Driveway Contractor

The first signs that you’re in good hands, is that the contractor is using the power of today’s heat technology. This is how you know if your driveway is going be taken care of. From the weather and the amount of sun outside, we make sure your asphalt driveway repairs cracks and patches are all possible to do in the first place. A lot of contractors don’t give the homeowners asphalt resurfacing options and it often leads to bad cases. We have to realize that asphalt driveway construction is an art. When done properly in the right conditions the entire job can be completed within a day.


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