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Line Striping Parking lots & Commercial Sealcoating

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Parking Lot Line Striping and Commercial Seal Coating

This is a guide for businesses, schools, and other organizations looking to line stripe their parking lots.  We’re going to go over some information that is important when you’re looking to paint your parking lot. One thing to recognize right from the beginning is that equipment used by the company you’re looking to hire. For commercial sealcoating, the equipment we use is completely different compared to  the equipment we use for driveway line striping.

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The very first thing you must make sure is that area you want to paint is very clean and well washed.  This can be usually achieved with pressure washing but it doesn’t have to be that intense.  The purpose of this is to really clear and clean out any dirt and small particles of sand that’ll get in the way of the paint job. After that, before starting line striping the parking lot, we must wait a bit for all the water and liquids to dry up because wet  pavement will not allow paint to stick.

What we do next is measure out the area. We usually use a good old yardstick for this, just put a simple mark with the white board chalk to make sure you will know exactly where the lines will meet and end. Once this is done we are ready to lay out the lines.

picture of Wallgreens line stripped commercially

How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Parking Lot?

Line Striping & Sealcoating

We often get asked this question about how much it will cost exactly to complete the entire job. There’s a few factors that come into play when you were thinking about cost,  they are as follows:

1.     Movement of Property

A lot of times when we are called for line striping parking lots, we often come across lots that are full of cars.  It is a common problem that holds us back from completing our job. What the company/owner fails to realize is that  this will cost them a little more. Why?  Our work is done through blocks of neighborhoods. We’re only able to complete paint jobs partially due to obstacles. Then having to wait for these objects to move out of the way before completing the job. This causes us to reschedule with other customers that have been waiting. If you’re planning to get work done, it would be best to pick a suitable time. It should be a time when the parking lot will be vacant.

2.     Preparation

The second factor is cleaning and preparation. We need to prep and clean out the place before we can actually start line striping.  A lot of times they’re aren’t more than just dust  on the pavement,  we have to use metal booms and power washers to really get out stubborn dirt  off the pavement so the line striping can look flawless.

3.    Layout

Another thing that people never mention is that actual design of the parking lot. If it’s a large place with open areas where we can use our heavy duty equipment with at ease, it’s going to make it a lot easier on us to get the job done faster. We are able to pass on some of those savings into your pocket. However, if it has obstacles such as trees, decoration or statues it can be a bit tricky. This may cause it to take a bit longer time to be completed.

4.     Size

Finally, comes the most common sense aspect which most people think is the only factor and that is size. This is the single biggest metric that determines the cost of the job because it directly dictates how much resources we have to use. A small surface are will cost less than a huge parking lot.

For other common questions such as how often you should sealcoat your driveway, Click here.

Let Us Ask You a Question?!

After explaining the business owners about the cost of doing the project,  the question we like to ask them is: what is the cost to you for not getting a professional painting company like us?

As a professional parking lot line striping company, we have to use high quality equipment that will get the job done in a timely manner.  We also have backup equipments for unique situations where the layout of the parking lot may become more of an obstacle than usual and we always come prepared. You can leave the job in the hands of a company that has done it for over a decade and is accountable or take the chance with a newbie!

Why Line Striping and Sealcoating With Us?

At Sealcoating Long Island, we understand that happy employees will always work better. We are responsible and accountable for all our team members. Our team is certified and qualified, and have been working int he industry for over 15 years. When you choose us, you know your getting a team of professionals who only works with the best brands in the industry.

First and foremost we take our accountability very seriously. To operate at our scale,  we have to make sure our workmen’s compensation,  workers liability,  all the way to auto mobile insurance is all taken care of.

The other main side of this is the equipment we use. This isn’t a striping machine we got off craigslist like the other companies around us. We use commercial grade heavy duty line striping equipment such as the POWRLINER PL3500 1 GUN PAINT SPRAYER

Line striping and commercial sealcoating

The paint we use is commercial grade heavy duty paint, this quality starts at a minimum with the Rust-Oleum Professional and then moves up from there depending on what effect you need.

We’re known to be one of the most reasonably priced driveway seal coating and commercial parking lot striping company in all of Long Island. Please give us a call to come give you a free estimate and consultation on your parking lot project.


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How Often Should You Sealcoat Your driveway?

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How Much Time Between Resealing Driveways in New York Weather

There’re many benefits for sealcoating your driveway however one question a lot of people haven’t struggled with is knowing how often should they get their driveway Sealcoated. For those of you, who are looking for a cookie-cutter answer, the answer is every 2 years. For the rest who want a want a more accurate and personalized answer, it will depends on a few factors which we will speak of. One can get a better understanding of these factors and come very close to estimating every time they need to get their driveway seal coated.

First of all, one thing we have to realize is that there are some serious problems that can happen with the driveway if we wait too long to sealcoat it. This is not just a horror story we have to say as business owners, these are problems that will results due to time and nature.

The first factor that plays a big role in the how long your driveway survives is the weather. If you live in a place like New York, your environment is exposed to extreme heat followed by extremely cold year after year. This does not just have a toll on your body but also on the materials around you. It causes cracks and causes the asphalt to get weak which results in breakage. Other than looking bad, what makes it problematic is what the pavement below is now exposed to. Water can seep through the cracks and cause the inner material to rot. Since there is no escape for this water once it gets sent, this exposure can lead to weakness in the pavement. Regular seal coating, line striping and crack filling are cheap and economical way to make sure your driveway not only stays clean and looks good but also last three times the lifetime.

At Seal of Approval, we use a thick high-quality sealer that makes your driveway last about four months longer than the industry average. We are known for quality reasonable costs and quality work on time. If you’re unsure on the need for your driveway to get Sealcoated, send us a picture and we will get back to you shortly.

While seal coating is a question about your pavement health, how often he should get Line striping Is completely depends on the wear and tear that happened on your platform. John and the war information about that click this link.

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