Commercial Sealcoating – Our Package for Large Areas

Commercial Sealcoating | Commercial Line Striping

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When it comes to large areas, we have a special package that is different than our residential services. This completes sealcoating, line striping, and pothole repair. Our crew keeps it professional and simple. Due to our bonding with the Long Island community, we are able to get very high-quality material at discount prices which we are able to pass onto our Commercial Seal coating clients. This includes both commercial grade asphalt sealers and commercial grade driveway sealers.

Commercial Line Striping

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Our line Striping is done with the highest quality of equipment and paint. Often times, other contractors in Long Island apply thin cheap paint which fade away rather quickly leaving you to have to call a contractor again for the same work. This is never the case with our workers, they are trained very well and all the materials we use are heavy duty. You can expect bright, perfect lines that last for a long time whether you are in Nassau county or Suffolk County. We only use the highest quality equipment and materials so it can last you a long time.

There are two main common ways to do line striping. The first way is to use a paint roller over the marks you have aimed using a chalk. This is quite hard on the back but if you ensure that you got the right kind of paint and the results will be good.  The second way would be to use a machine called the lighting striper, this machine is able to do perfect street lines keeping it very neat and tidy.

Hot Tar for Cracks

This is crucial for extending the life of your asphalt. Here, we don’t use any sprays because they tend to be thin and the quality does not last that long. If you need to fill cracks in Long Island, call us. We use a very thick material which is applied using only brush. This assures a strong view ability in the work we provide manager last for years to come. The other reason you just need to do this is plants will start to grow once the earth starts start to show.

Pot Hole Repair in Long Island

Pavements can’t be flat forever, the environment around us overtime takes a toll on the pavement and it has to be repaired and maintained. If you live in New York, I’m sure you know how annoying potholes can be. Not only does it set a bad impression when somebody drives in but also it damages their comfort and vehicles. The first thing we do when we come across one is to use a air compressor to dust out any debris and dirt that’s sticking inside it. This makes the hole clean and makes sure whatever we put after will stick right on the surface. We are experts at repairing pot holes in Long Island.

Commercial Sealcoating in Nassau and Suffolk County

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