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Blacktop Long Island – Best Line Striping Contractors in New York

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Sealcoating Long Island was founded in 1986 as a Blacktop sealcoating business serving Long Island. We offer various asphalt sealcoating options from the blacktop parking lot Seal coating to crack filling available to large and small sized jobs.

One of the reasons for our work last so long is because we use a high-quality rubberized blacktop sealer layered onto the surface for the thickest possible layer.

Blacktop Sealcoating Services – Available all Around Long Island

  • Asphalt sealcoating
  • Asphalt hot patching
  • Asphalt paving
  • Full Pothole repair
  • Hot crack filling
  • Black top and concrete aprons
  • Black top speed bumps
  • Driveway Concrete

One of the sealants we use is quite different to many other services because it adds an extra layer of friction and grip which results in much higher durability asphalt – this is used mainly not to visibly make them look appealing but stops the problem from getting bigger.  Filling the cracks on the surface of your driveway keeps the water from seeping into the crack that will make the hole deeper.

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Parking Lot Line Striping and Painting – Best Contractors

Seal Coating Long Island offers various asphalt sealcoating services including Long Island Parking Lot Line Striping. The division we’re able to show by stripping the parking lot turns out to be a pretty important experience when customers come into the plot or your neighbors are visiting your home. It is a lot easier to see exactly where to line up the car so it is a lot easier to see exactly where to line it up so where only two cars were able to fit now three cars can comfortably lineup. It’s the little things that we organize our life which makes it a lot easier to live and also brings safety.

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Our services in Parking lot line striping:

  • parking lot line painting
  • striping parking lot
  • painting parking lot stripes
  • restriping a parking lot


We are run and operated under the supervision of the owner of Sealcoating Long Island. We do not outsource our work to other companies in Long Island because we do everything ourselves. We believe that our customers expect the best of quality when they give us a call for the service and we work very professionally to make sure that we satisfy all needs. Sealcoating long Island uses the most mortar technology and highest quality materials to service our homes.

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