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Line striping and commercial sealcoating

Benefits of Line Striping for Business Owners

Why You Should Be Line Striping Your Parking Lot

Whether you are business, school, or restaurant owner, your asphalt parking lot is one of the first things that will surely catch the attention of your visitors or patrons. It also keeps order and safety for both persons as well as their cars. That is why it is very important to have your parking spaces line striped at all times.

At Seal of Approval, we believe that one way of keeping your parking lot presentable and inviting, is by having a good line striping plan. You have to understand that if lines are faded or non-existent, there will be no structure to follow to in terms of proper parking and driving within your parking space. Your customers might block the entrances or the exits out of confusion or sheer ignorance.

You should recognize that line striping of your parking lot is an integral part of keeping your parking area organize and presentable. Apart from that, there are other benefits of parking lot striping that could be maximized by your business or property such as the ones highlighted below.

It Will Maximize Your Space

If you want to increase the navigability of your parking space as well as maximize its area, you may need to ensure that you have parking lot striping or markings. With parking lot stripings you will have the opportunity to strike a balance, in terms of parking space.

You need to ensure that each marking is not too wide or narrow in order to invite customers to enter your property. When you update your parking lot markings, you will be guaranteed that common vehicular sizes may be accommodated by your parking lot.

Safety Increase

The markings on your parking lot are not only intended for aesthetic purposes. Parking lot striping is being done in order to likewise increase the safety compliance of your establishment.

In most areas, faded markings in the parking lot may be illegal, as it would lead to traffic jams, arguments, or even accidents. To ensure the safety of your customers and establishment as a whole, you should comply with the requirement of having a clear parking lot striping.

Liability Reduction

In connection with safety increase, having parking lot striping or markings on your property will likely reduce the cases of motor-related accidents. You should be aware that any accidents on your property may have a repercussion to your business, especially if the expected markings on your parking space are faded or non-existent at all. To avoid the headache of dealing with claims and other legal matters, try to secure appropriate parking lot striping.

Aesthetics and Presentation

Parking lot striping is one of the most affordable ways of improving the beauty of your business. With proper and visible lines on your parking area, your establishment will be more attractive and trustworthy to the eyes of customers. The improved look of your parking lot through new or renewed markings will also improve your business transactions.

As a property owner or business owner, you should understand that parking lot striping is crucial for your enterprise for two main reasons, the safety, and aesthetics. If you want your business to be a standout, you should start from the very obvious and frequently showcased portion of your establishment, the parking lot. Keep it clean and keep it marked once it the asphalt paving is complete.

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If you need Line Striping Services in Suffolk, NY you can contact Seal of Approval. We are the best contractors in Long Island for Asphalt Paving, Sealcoating and Line Striping.

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Asphalt Paving Process

What You Should Know – The Asphalt Paving Process

The surfaces of your driveway or parking will definitely leave a mark among visitors and passersby. That is why when looking for a pavement option, asphalt paving is one of the less inexpensive options you have as a property owner. At Seal of Approval, we have seen first hand how many homeowners choose asphalt paving in Long Island. This is due to their many benefits, which is why most property owners and even the government would choose asphalt pavements over concrete ones, for asphalt is tends to be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Safe
  • Energy Efficient
  • Traveler- and business-friendly
  • Environmentally friendly

However, apart from knowing the benefits and advantages of asphalt paving for your property needs, it would also be good to be acquainted with the basic asphalt paving procedures that will be applied to your property. To somehow give you an overview of what will happen during the installation, here are the basic and significant stages of asphalt pavement installation.

asphalt paving process

Steps for Laying Down Asphalt

Demolition and Removal

Perhaps the basic procedure of asphalt paving is the demolition and removal stage. This stage of the installation will begin with the removal of the existing surface. Pre-existing debris will be demolished and removed in order to start the operation. If you wanted to have a total renewal of your previous asphalt pavement, this will likely be the first step to expect.

Surface Grading

After the debris has been removed, it is then imperative that surface will be graded. This is necessary in order to understand what type of drainage application is needed in order to allow proper draining of water that is essential for an asphalt surface.

Although this part of the procedure may sound simple, it has a huge impact afterward. If this will not be properly done, chances are great that your asphalt pavement will not last for a longer period of time, especially if you are living in an area where rainstorms are frequent.

Packing the Base

Following the grading of the surface, the base of the surface will be packed, especially those with any soft spots. Although there are other techniques involved, undercutting is the usually method being employed by most contractors.

Adding to Binder

After the surface of the base has been packed, the next process will involve the adding of binder layer to the base. This mix of aggregate and oil will help the asphalt adhere to the base since such binding material is very strong. When you choose Seal of Approval as your contractor in your Suffolk, you will be assured that the process and materials to be used for your property is top of the line.

Asphalt Laying

Lastly, after the demolition, removal, surface grading, packing of the base, and adding of binder layer to your property’s surface, the asphalt will then be laid. Once the asphalt has been laid down, our contractors will then compact the asphalt material with the roller and leave it for curing.

Those are some of the basic and technical aspects of asphalt paving. The entire process is very complex, which is why you should hire the best in the industry. Ask for a reference to previous work or referrals from your associates, when choosing a contractor to perform the complex process of asphalt paving for your residential or commercial property.

For Asphalt Paving Services in Long Island, Contact Your Local Sealcoating and Paving Contractor – Seal of Approval. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Seal of Approval is one of Suffolk’s best sealcoating and paving companies. We’re located at 263 NY-25A, Wading River, NY 11792. Our team is professional and always delivers exception work and customer service and is trusted by the Long Island community. We are particularly well known in Suffolk and Suffolk County. You can count on us for your exterior surfaces whether it be driveways, parking lots, private roads and highways. Please give us a call or send us an email if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Benefits of Driveway Sealcoating

 Benefits of Driveway Sealcoating in Suffolk, New York

For most property owners like homeowners, the driveway is the least thought about feature of the house. Property owners would rather focus their thoughts to interior home improvement and other similar projects such as roof or siding repairs. However, not known to everyone a driveway is a very crucial aspect of home living.

If you will maintain an open-minded and critical approach, you will notice that the driveway is the first thing that a visitor or even a customer will see when approaching your property. Since it is the first thing they would see, people venturing into the property will likely view your driveway as a reflection or signs of things to come.

You need to understand that the first impression is everything and it will surely last. Therefore, you should not take chances with your driveway and consider a procedure known as driveway sealcoating and it Is known other benefits as outlined below.

Sealcoating Your Driveway May Lead to

  • Sealcoating the asphalt of your driveway will definitely seal the crack that may turn into large cracks if not remedied immediately. Aside from that, the sealcoating will also prevent water from seeping into the base material of your driveway. Hence, undermining its stability.
  • With new sealcoating applied, the resilience of asphalt surfaces of your driveway will surely be preserved, hiding cracks, rough spots, and patches. Thus, making traffic lines on a parking area clearer.
  • Another reason why sealcoating should be applied to your driveway and its pavement is the fact that it helps protect the asphalt surface of the driveway from the damaging effect of the sun as well as potential chemical spills like gasoline or oil. With such protection guaranteed, you will have a peace of mind that your driveway will last longer.
  • An accurately sealcoated asphalt driveway will not just simply afford an attractive black surface, but it will also serve as an ideal venue for painting lines and other parking space markers.
  • If the sealcoating is applied properly, you will notice that your driveway will look cleaner and something near to being brand new. For since there are no cracks, holes, and rough spots, when the rain comes, it will easily wash away debris and dirt from the non-porous and smooth driveway surface.

As mentioned above in order to attain well-maintained asphalt driveway, proper application of sealcoating is required. That is why Driveway Sealcoating in Suffolk, New York is a must try solution when it comes to your sealcoating needs.

Regardless of your needs, whether repairing driveway cracks or installing a new surface to improve stormwater management of your driveway, Driveway sealcoating is an expert solution to have. With the specialized knowledge of the contractor and their expertise, you are assured that justice will be given to your driveway concerns, characterized by beauty, functionality, and affordability.

In addition to repair, preventive maintenance for your driveway will also lessen the possibility of costly damages. This preventive approach includes but may not be limited to pothole repair and patching. For a more better asphalt driveway appearance to repaving and installation of a brand new surface,  Seal of Approval – Your Driveway Sealcoating Contractor in Suffolk, New York is the answer.

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benefits of driveway sealcoating

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